My Favourite September Bath Products!

October 04, 2014

I decided that today I am gonna try a different layout of my photos- what d'you think? I do quite like it compared to the boring photos I do on a regular basis. Please let me know though.

Today I am doing a sort-of favourites video, because I haven't done one in ages!

As it is coming into Autumn, (well actually it is Autumn, and hella cold) I wanted to do a little favourites, aside from my other favourites, about my favourite Wiinter-y Autumn-y bath products which I am using at the moment.
My routines are really lacking variety right now, but these are the Top 3 products I take my hot baths in on the cold nights!

Y The Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Scrub, £3.25 (no longer available)
Brighten Up! Indulge your senses with natural vanilla, while this gentle scrub leaves your skin softer, smoother and noticeably brighter.
Honestly, this product is so, so sweet smelling. The formula is a thick yellowy colour with millions, I mean millions- of mini granules and little dublido's. I asked for this for Christmas last year and my sister kindly got it for me along with a couple of other amazing things but this was just awesome! I did feel that it lacked in lathering properties but I completely didn't mind that. In regular showers I tend to reach for my Sanex Shower Gel which is scentless and boring. Recently I have liked it because I can just use it before my shower gel, so I rinse, scrub and then lather! It works out really well, and the scent lingers for the rest of the shower!
I really enjoy using this product but do not use it everyday because that is putting your skin at risk and with most likely make it very, very dry.

Y I love... Banana Split Bubble Bath and Shower Creme £1-£1.50
Simply Irresistible! Feel inspired as my gorgeous combination of warm banana, fluffy vanilla ice cream and sprinkling of melted chocolate create a scent so fabulously delicious it will take your breathe away.
Let me tell you; it took my breathe away! I bought this before I went to France at the beginning of the Summer because of its small packaging. But I say... gosh, this is one of the best bath scents I have ever had! And me being a fan of Lush products... this is totes-amazeballs! (Note to self: never say that again). It genuinely smells so, so, so, so, so, so, SO , SO good! Mmmm *starts to sniff a bottle, looks like an addict*. Honestly, My family loves it, my friends love it... I think because it was so strong (I didn't wear body spray until evening all the time I was in France... it was like 33 degrees), yet it wasn't overpowering or anything, unless you are sniffing it straight out the bottle like me! (I am not an addict, I just sniff the bottle because I really like the scent because I am weirdo)
I use it at home as well, as it doubles as a Bubble bath I just pour it in my bath and watch the bubbles form! It is so great! 

Y Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash £2.00
This luxurious body wash transforms from a smooth gel into an abundance of rich, creamy lather that glides across your skin like silk.Immerse yourself in a delicious heavenly fragrance with this sumptuous vanilla and cherry blossom body wash. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after just one wash. Our expertly crafted blend delivers a unique fragrance burst and a lather so rich and silky it can also be used for shaving....A little luxury goes a long way.
I love this product- the minute that I actually pump it out it oxidises and foams! It is awesome! In terms of lathering it is great and easy, it is really, really foamy . The scent is really good too!  The pump can have a couple of problems some times but I think for the overall price of product it is so worth it! So when you pump it out it is a thin squiggly thing (y'know how toothpaste is? Yeah, like that only thinner and more water-y, I guess) and for a second, you probably see the pure pink form of the body wash before it literally foams up to almost triple its size! 
I use this all the time and I only bought it recently!

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  1. I'm going to get the scrub , it's sounds soo nice x

    1. Cool! If you click the name it should tell you where to buy it!


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