Little Red Riding Hood Costume D.I.Y. Hair, Makeup, Costume!

October 28, 2014

So guys with Halloween only a couple of days away how would you like to know how to portray your favourite character... Little Red!

For the D.I.Y. Cape, you will need a piece of fabric (I used a piece of red velvet, sized 1.5 x 1.5 metres), a needle and thread or a sewing machine, a tape measure or ruler, a pen, scissors and a wooden spoon (optional)

1. Get out all of your equipment
2, Measure into the material about 6cm and mark. However you can change this depending on how thick or thin you want the tie to be.
3. Mark all the way to the end of the fabric and cut.
4. Cut until you reach the end of the fabric.
5. Thread your needle or thread your machine
6. With the right side facing towards you, fold the piece of material in half so the right side is inside. Then start to sew along the edges of the material. Make sure to leave at least one of the shorter sides not sown.
7. Now turn the material inside out so that none of your stitching can be seen. Tip: use a wooden spoon to help you turn the material inside out. Just push the spoon into the sown shorter edge and continue pushing until the right side in seen coming out of the other side.
8.Now with the main piece of material choose how long the hood should be (I chose about 50cm) and mark on the parallel sides of the material. Then spread the tape measure along the marks so it is perfectly straight. Then mark every 8 cm.
9. Cut a small slit in the material on every mark.
10. Thread your tie/small piece of material through the slits, to create your cape!

(I did these at different times so sorry the lighting is different!)
1. Put on your regular foundation and concealer. Same with your powder. I used my homemade chocolate BB cream and the Loreal True Match pressed powder in C9.

2. Use an eyeshadow primer if you have one then take a palette of your choice, I am using the MUA Hall of Fame eyeshadow palette.
I used the bottom left corner (shy) on the corners of my eyes, I also used the top second-along colour (bare) on my browbone.
On my eyelid I used China, Hustle and Tectonite but use natural colours because Little Red is young and innocent.
On my bottom lash line I used Titan.

3. Take a black eyeliner and make a small wing on each eye.
4. Then I took my Scandaleyes mascara and just put on one layer of mascara to give a slightly thicker and more voluminous look,
5. Next I used this sleek blush and put on a small amount, blending it in up to my temples for a younger look.
6. I primed my lips with a plain vaseline, because the MUA Lip Lacquer tend to dry out my lips after a while. Then I applied the MUA Lip Lacquer in Reckless.
7. If you have an eyebrow pencil, gel and/or brush then use them to give your eyebrows a thicker look, this will make you look younger! I already have thick eyebrows so I only brushed mine.

For Fashion:

Wear a white or navy dress, preferably the older looking the better.
Then if you have a basket that is a great addition, if you don't, just grab a trick or treat basket.
For shoes wear a pair of flats or ankle boots. If it is cold you could also wear sheer tights like me!
Also don't forget your cape!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was really fun for me.
If you make this, use the hashtag #candcblog for me to see it!

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