52 Week Money Saving Challenge!

October 09, 2014

52 Week Money Saving Challenge!

I am saving money I cannot believe it aaahhh!

So I decided that this year I wanted to start the 52 week saving challenge! I am so excited! I have seen loads of different Youtuber's do it and as far as I know there were successful so I am so, so, so excited, and apprehensive... OMG it feels like I am doing NanoWrimo (but that's a completely different topic).

So the 52 week money saving challenge is basically a yearly saving chart, You save an x amount of money each week, adding £1 or $1 or whatever your currency is to it, (mine is £1) as you go along, starting at the meagre amount of £1 and ending in £52. 
So for example;
- Week 1- Save £1- Amount Saved £1
- Week 2- Save £2- Amount Saved £3
- Week 3- Save £3- Amount Saved £6
- Week 48- Save £48- Amount Saved £861

This September I started and this reason I didn't post about it was because I wasn't actually sure I wouldn't just quit... I had attempted it in April near my birthday but that ultimately failed by the Summer... oh well!

Using the ingenious idea of triangular numbers someone created a very popular, hyped challenge, sparked across many nations!
Of course I am aware that as it does going along it will be harder to find the money to save, but I am working it out...
I am aware that some people want to save like 50p a week or possibly start in reverse while they are still motivated, which are also both very valid, reasonable ways... but I'm sticking mainly to the regular way.
My current plan is to make and sell some of my D.I.Y.'s for a small amount of profit each. I was selling loom bands and now I am trying to get off in selling crafts like cards, knits, charms... More on that soon!

Anyways, I will update you soon... but see ya for now!
I am leaving you with a video... :)
Rachel xx

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