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September 01, 2014

I haven't posted a good old book review in a while, I have no idea why! That is why I have decided that a Book Review would be my first Let's Review Monday (LRM). As much as I still love writing about beauty, lifestyle, and the rest of the package, I feel I have lost touch with Book Blogging. However, I feel that watching the Booktube community has helped me create a renewed sense of love for reading. 

Writing this is completely confusing for me; sorry if it doesn't make sense! Let's just get into the book review before you all unsubscribe, shall we...

MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I first had so much to read I was really procrastinating reading this because I had lots of things to do and books I had to read beforehand. I read this mid-summer, however, it is definitely not the typical summer read (by which a mean a short contemporary with a simple plot, a beach read), I think if I read any other time of the year, I don't think it would really change my opinion of it.
As much as I did enjoy the book though, some of the decisions that were made were plain awful!

My Favourite Character: MILA 3.0 (Three)
Least Favourite: Ummmmm, probably... someone, I don't really know...

**Spoilers ahead**

The book is set in Clearwater, Minnesota. It is a tiny town where supposedly, "no-one comes in and no-one gets out". MILA is new there, living at the stables with her mother Nicole, and is instantly scouted out by Kaylee. A lot of the action takes place in her school and in the military base though.
There is no speak of the year, however I am aware it takes place around the present. Most likely between 2010-2020.

MILA 2.0- The main female protagonist, she is an android made by Nicole Laurent and General Holland disguised as a 16-year-old girl, she is a strong, fast and smart. Her fatal flaw is her feelings, they are the reason the military want to reprogramme her.
Nicole (Mom)- Nicole Laurent is the co-creator of MILA 2.0. After discovering that MILA had emotions and was the almost perfect replica of a real human, she 'kidnapped her' and ran away to Clearwater, to work as an on-site vet. She is also General Holland's 'blackmail guinea pig' using her to instruct MILA.
Kaylee- The so-called best friend of MILA. Supposedly befriends the new people and 'dumps' them later on, when new classmate Hunter comes along, goes from caring to cruel, abandoning MILA to woo Hunter, she causes MILA the injury which first opens her to the secret of her true android self. The first person MILA ever fights/targets as an enemy.
Hunter- The sexy new guy after MILA. 18 years old, he is liked by both MILA and Kaylee, which turns their friendship sour. He truly cares for MILA, and they go on a date before she leaves. The first person she calls after escaping.
General Holland- The co-creator of the MILA Project. He is an evil man, who wants to reprogramme MILA.
Lucas- A scientist and student from MIT, with vague family problems, he is used also as a 'guinea pig by' General Holland. He ultimately gets shot as he helps Nicole and MILA escape.
MILA 3.0 (Three)- The new and improved version of MILA 3.0, she has no emotions and is the 'minion' of General Holland.

This Sci-fi Thriller starts off by MILA and her mother Nicole living at a stables, her being an amnesiac and the death of her father, in a supposed house fire. She sees Hunter while with her friends, before meeting him at school. where he takes significant in her, creating jealousy in Kaylee, who would like him for herself. Due to Kaylee's behaviour, MILA gets angry and takes hold of her arm hurting her, after realising what she has done, she apologises.
After this, when driving Hunter, Kaylee puts MILA in the back of her truck, and she goes flying and falls on a hard rusted spike, causing her skin to be penetrated. Embarrassed, MILA gets out and runs home, confronting her mother about the happenings, knowing the time is right, Nicole hands MILA the IPod which changes her life. Hunter also comes to see her that night.
Kaylee really angers MILA over the next few days, and knocks her down in the cafeteria, the words 'Target Down' appearing in red before her eyes freaking her out.
One day, when she comes home, she finds her mother tied up and the room completely wrecked. People are ready to attack her, but she is also ready, taking down multiple people with bare hands.
That day her and her mother run away, attempting to get to an airport in Canada. She stops in a motel and is ambushed for a second time, and is able to get information out of them, finding out where they are from, and why they are after her.
Continuing to run, they get across the border and to the airport, where they are caught and extradited back to the US military base.
At the military base, the two are separated, and the base test MILA 2.0 against the improved version, MILA 3.0. Lucas, is administering all of the tests and is very interested in MILA.
He, later on, helps MILA to escape, pretending to be a hostage. He is made unconscious by MILA after being shot in the leg. MILA and Nicole took his car, taking to the road and losing all their followers, unfortunately, Nicole being shot twice on the way. MILA attempting to remove the bullets however failed. Nicole died and was then thrown into the sea. I understood the "throwing her in the sea" bit, to an extent, but I still thought that it was kind of dumb and pointless. Nicole deserved a proper burial.

As you can probably tell, the book was jam packed with action and I was thinking throughout that what was happening was crazy.
I am really glad that I read the book, I would recommend it to you guys and will definitely be carrying on with the series sometime in the near future.

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