DIY Handmade Notebooks- D.I.Y. Friday #1

September 05, 2014

Hey Guys,

I hope you guys checked out my video on Wednesday... :D. I am sorry I forget to post the link though, but I know a few of you did watch it.
Anyways, I did have to re-upload the footage today because it wasn't very... perfected. The audio had a couple of problems which Youtube was a pain to edit out so instead I just decided to delete the malfunctioning video and upload an updated version. So if you were one of the people who liked and commented on that video then I do owe you an apology and a Thank you.
Sorry... and Thank you. :D

This intro is taking long, sorry about that, I just needed to clear that up.
Let's get on with the D.I.Y.

D.I.Y. Friday- Handmade Notebooks!

These notebooks are not only super easy to make but really versatile and fun. They are great for;
- School and Work
- Gifts
- Personal Use
- Fun!

You can make them in all sizes and designs, as long as you have the different cardstocks!

You will need;
-Thick card or cardstock
-Paper (lined or plain, whatever you what to put in your notebook)
-Decorations (optional, I used the patterned paper shown)
-A ruler
-A pencil
-Thumbtack or a similar, thin pointy object (optional)
-An eraser/rubber
-Thread (for sewing the paper together)
-Paperclips (optional, the more the better)

-Yarn, embroidery thread, thick string (optional)
- A sewing Needle
-A Button (optional)
Lay your paper flat on your cardstock, then take your ruler and mark a point between 0.5 and 1.5cm off the edge of your paper.
Do this on each edge on the paper, you may need to repeat it to be able to join up the marks.
Join up the marks to form a rectangle, or square, (depending on your shape). Then cut it out.

Take your paper and fold it in half. Then mark the point 3 cm and 5cm from the each end on the crease. This is hard to explain but it looks like so.

Thread your needle and set to the side for a moment. Then attach paperclips to the edges of the cardstock like this if you have them. They make it easier to stabilize the paper will sewing. 

Here you can poke a hole into all of the marks to make it easier to sew. I did this because my covering card was particularly thick so I couldn't push my needle through.

Sew in and out of the marks until you feel it is stable.

Time to decorate! Fold and decorate! :D
You can choose to finish here

Sew a button on the front of the notebook.

Wrap one piece of yarn over the button and wind across the spine and back to the button. Then 

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