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September 08, 2014

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer.



I honestly really enjoyed this book, I will definitely continue on with this series! This book has excellent world building, really detailed characters...
..description was on point...

Cinder is a past highly-raved about Sci-fi, futuristic fantasy romance, it is the first book in a four part series/quartet of fairy tale retellings called the Lunar Chronicles. I bet which one you can guess Cinder is, that's right, Cinderella!

Over 100 years have passed, many things are different and far more futuristic. There is world peace. There are hover cars. The are androids, and cyborgs. People live on the moon.

Cinder is a 16 year old cyborg on Earth, part of the eastern Commonwealth, a.k.a Asia. Cyborgs are sort of disabled people or amputees which due to new medicinal innovations have metal limbs that work exactly the same as regular body parts, as well as that, her brain is a search engine, connected to the internet and she can search anything up in her mind. She pretty much has access to any online database mentally. She is also a fantastic mechanic, one of the best in New Beijing, where she lives. Another thing about her is that she is adopted, when she was eleven, a man called Garan adopted her in Europe, where he subsequently died after transforming her to cyborg. She was shipped to New Beijing, where her widowed stepmother Adri and 2 stepsisters Pearl and Peony awaited her arrival. Cinder 's best friend is Iko, an android (so a real robot) who helps her out at her market stall. Her sister Peony is also fairly nice to her, unlike the rest of her family. She has been treated horribly by her family, sent to work very long hours every day in the market, and is the main breadwinner. The rest of her family is unemployed and depend on her to get money.

However, cyborgs are the sort of minority and every month there is a draw, where a cyborg is taken away and used for the curing of letumosis, the lethal plague that is killing everyone, very quickly.

I personally felt that the story line was fairly predictable and was a little upset/annoyed that there weren't that many twists in the story line. It was, like a motorway, just going straight, approaching the predictable. I wish it was like a mountain cycle path, with like, err, bumps and twists and turns.

The way the plague scared so many people was so interesting. Someone could say the word 'plague' in a crowded place and people would turn and step away at the same time. That is how freaked people were. I really felt shocked how quickly people died, I felt it was like 3-4 days, then boom, gravestone.

My favourite character was probably the Queen. I liked how mysterious she was and the fact she didn't seem like a very power hungry person that she was perceived to be, and how quickly she could transfix something or someone or a group of people. In my head I imagine she looks like Maleficent, only minus the horns. I feel that her character matches the 'beauty' of her.

To me the relationship between Cinder and the Prince is pretty cringe, she is fairly awkward and I just don't really like it that much. Because this is marked on stars, I would probably give this a 4.8 stars out of 5.0.

I still really loved this book! I very much loved pretty much everything about it so that is my review, I very much hope you enjoyed reading it, for I especially did like writing it. I will hopefully be reviewing the rest of the series soon.
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