Deep Green By Trisha Haddad | Review

July 11, 2014

Deep Green

by Trisha Haddad

My rating: 5 of 5

I received this book for free from the author to review, however all opinions are my own and the review is completely unbiased.

Overall, I completely love this book. Easily a 5 star novel! It is funny because I have started to read "Lord of the Flies" alongside this book and they both have similarities! The amount of YA romance in it is just perfect for me; I hate books where the romance is just tossed around as a lure for teens because half of us don't like poorly written romantic rubbish; we love books like Deep Green where real thought has been put in and you can understand the character's emotions. One of the best books I have read this year.

The Book Deep Green begins with the main character, a bookworm called Leah, on a cruise with her parents and Aunt. Here she meets a striking Arabic boy, Musir, just before a terrible plan unveils.

Within hours, terrorists with guns and other weapons attack the boat. Leah and Musir jump overboard, leaving their family and their pasts behind, only taking with them an unconscious lady, a retired fisherman (Kent Carson) and a young philosophy student and literature lover(Blue McCree). After paddling for a while, the unexpected happens. Romance, death, and the fight for ones life.

---- Spoilers and my personal experience with story----

I felt that the book started quite slowly, the first ten pages of introducing Leah and her family was quite funny (especially her "semi-racist" Aunt Crystal). After reading about Leah's approach to Musir, I was thinking, "Uugh, predictable, he is either gonna die or she is totally going to fall in love with him!" Then, as the story unfolded, I completely changed my mind as the Blue-Musir-Leah love triangle formed. If you read my updates, you would realise that I was utterly into the Bleah (Blue and Leah) and that Musir was just some sexy control freak (especially after he punched Blue). I thought it was so sweet that Blue was so courteous and had so much in common with Leah, like it was meant to be. Leah was also in some way towing the boy's emotions (always staring at Musir's body while being truly interested in Blue). After just reading the reviews, most people were rooting for Musir whereas I was far in the opposite direction.

Musir, as I stated before, was always just "sexy control freak" to me. I never thought of him much as a teenager, he is way too mature (especially with the 19-year-olds I know). He was always in my mind as just of protector of Leah, like a third parent. His feelings of jealousy when he saw Bleah together were to me just a protectiveness; wanting to keep her safe from everything out there.

In the climax of the novel, after seeing Kent's true colours and a fit of gasps and tears on my behalf after learning all of Blue's secrets in the middle of my English class(not that it was that heart-wrenching, but I have trouble dealing with surprising things like that, also I was reading in the middle of English because I was having one of those days where I couldn't put the book down), I completely lost it, I couldn't stand Blue, hated him for life. I would have stabbed him, although it wasn't fully his fault.

The plot was really immaculately planned out and I am so grateful for that, sometimes you read books and you can just read where the author got bored with a character and killed them off, or something incredibly dull happened to them so they couldn't come back for the rest of the story.

I know this isn't much of a review, but I am not much of a reviewer, I am usually in for those 3 sentence reviews which just say, "really good book, good plot, nice characters..." but I didn't think that those sort of reviews did this story justice. I recommend the whole story and just Trisha Haddad as an author because although I have only read one of her books, I have read the blurb of a couple of others on her website and know her stories are completely ON-POINT. I really want to read another one of Trisha Haddad's books because this one was so good and Deep Green is totally going in my favourites this month. So, please Trisha, write more! (Preferably, about the future of the characters, please)

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