Making a Giant (Millie's) Birthday Cookie | Recipe

April 15, 2014


I am very excited that tomorrow it is my birthday! (I can't really convey that very well through a blog post, but you can trust me on the fact that I am very excited) 

Every year my sister will usually get me a cake, but after a while it can sometimes get quite tedious. This year, I decided that I would make myself a Giant Millie's Cookie Style Birthday Cookie, only how I want it. I thought it would be a more fun and cheaper alternative to actually getting a cookie. 

This is the recipe that I used. I found it super easy to follow and had good results. Whenever it comes to recipes I always what loads of videos to ensure I have a good one and have "done my research". 

I thought that I would take some photos of how it came along;

This is a photo of my cookie in the oven. (It smelt really good at this point and it took a lot of self control and fear of burning my fingers to not eat it at that point)  Please pretend that you can't see me in the reflection lol. 

My beautiful cookie when it came out of the oven! It turned out really well and is such a gorgeous golden brown colour. Yes! *punches air* I wish it hadn't cracked though. I struggled to get the cookie off of the baking tray so it did crack off in parts when I took it off.

The finished product! I love it! I am pretty proud of it, as I have never made something this big before.
I chose not to ice it, but now thinking about I feel like that I should have so I could hide the cracks and imperfections. It still looks good without it though.
I did have some extra time so I made some cookies with some leftover dough (only about 6 or 7). They literally did not last the 5 minutes it took for the photo to be taken. (and if the smaller cookies tasted anything like the larger one, it is sooo delicious!)

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