What I got for my Birthday 2014

April 23, 2014

Good evening!
Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days- I have been really busy getting ready for my Birthday and all that jazz! I hope you are all doing really well though!

My Birthday was on the 16th (last Wednesday) and I had a really good time- I went out for dinner with my Mum and had an overall super good time. I want to thank everyone who made my day so special. 

Then on the weekend I had a barbecue with friends and family. That was really fun and I just want to say thank you very much to everyone who made my day really special. 

My Birthday Gift Haul 2014! <3

Disclaimer: I am not trying to boast about the stuff I got, I am grateful to everyone who got me gifts and I did the blog post to help you guys out if you want a gift and just to show you guys because of the amount of views I get for these sorts of hauls)

I did get a whole load of chocolates but I have eaten them all because duh that's what you are supposed to do :)

 I wasn't super sure what I wanted for my birthday at one point so I just asked for money. Which meant I got money. A whole lot of money. £115 to be accurate. Thank you everyone! This is a great starter to the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge which I am starting now- so excited to save (sounds crazy right?) The present that keeps giving.. hahaha
I also got the purple zoodle pencil case. It is a zip- around which means it is made out of one huge zip which you can undo (and undo, and undo, and undo...) My friend has a pink version which I was super envious about so she got me this one! It is awesome because I can stop using the old one I have which is kinda messy and has gone funny so it's really dirtyyy. So yaayy I love this new pencil case!!
Inside the pencil case I found some MINI EGGS!!! Yummy!!
My friend Sophie also got me this mascara by Collection? I think that's the name of the brand anyways! It also says Colour Lash All day Wearing Mascara. I am not really a makeup person but I now what mascara is and how to use it. My sister tried it out on me and I must say that this mascara is super subtle but works really well so I am very happy!

 Another thing I got from Sophie was a Maybelline Baby Lips! I was so excited about this because I've really wanted a Baby Lips for quite a well now. I was happy to get this so thank you very much. This is the "Cherry Me" version. I love all the names of these! I actually got 2 of the Cherry Me- the other from my cousin. Luckily, my cousin left the receipt in the bag, so I'm going to exchange it for a different shade. Cherry Me is a deep pinky colour which is so cute!

Finally I was given this awesome scented doughnut pen. It doesn't really smell like doughnuts  but whatever way it smells super nice, like caramel, or cocoa butter, or vanilla...

My other friend got me the Chocomania lip trio from The Body Shop. It comes with 3 lip butters in a super cute heart shaped tin. They're in Shea, Cocoa and Chocomania. (Expect a review coming up on this soon)

Also my Cousins also bought me these! From right to left: 5 MUA Nail Varnishes in Bold Blue, Strawberry Crush, Lush Lilac, Ameretto Crush and Pistachio Ice-Cream, my second Cherry Me Baby Lips and a Minty Fresh Baby Lips. 

I will start with the nail polishes. I really love the Pistachio Ice-Cream, I think that it is super summery and adorable! Same with Lush Lilac, it is such a beautiful colour and I think it is amazing for the spring! Unfortunately I already have Bold Blue and Strawberry Crush so I will exchange them for an MUA nail quake because I think that they are super awesome!
Second is another "Cherry Me" Baby lips which Sophie also got for me so I will exchange this for a plain one called "Hydrate".
My last one of these is Minty Fresh, which is a super-pepperminty scented Baby Lips. It is pretty clear, but I think it will make my lips a little paler (which a lot of light lip products tend to do) I really love the packaging on this and it is sooooo pretty and I love it!

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