My Nail Polish Collection!

April 26, 2014

Hi Everyone!
This is a blog post of My Nail Polish Collection 2014! I have really been enjoying painting my nails recently and plan to try out nail art in the future. 

So I own;

OPI Shatter Nail Varnishes- 

In Navy, Red, White and Black.

I don't actually use these polishes very often, as I am not the hugest fan of the Shatter Design. They were a gift though, so hopefully I can get some use out of them. 

Clinque Nail Polishes- 

In Pinkini, Grape Ice and Summer in the City. 

My mum gave these to me and I really like the Summery, bright colours. They are really good quality and I would totally recommend them and buy more of them in the future.

MUA Nail Polishes- 

In Sweet Peach, Strawberry Crush, Amaretto Crush, Mud Pie, Moody Mink, Lush Lilac, Natural Days, Cherry Blossom, Deepest Purple, Plum Noir, Bold Blue, Pistachio Ice Cream and Clear

I like these nail polishes as they are really affordable. They are priced at only £1 which is amazing because I cannot spend a lot of money on beauty products. I don't think that they are the best quality, but for the price, you do get what you pay for. I own this polish in a lot of colours and the colour range is not the biggest but I still like it a lot.

Other nail polishes that I have are;
Cutex Ultra Long Lasting Nail Lacquer- Terra, Crocodile and Odyssey
Barry M Nail Paint- Magneta Glitter
17 Lasting Fix- Smoke Signal and Forever
H&M Nail Polish- Active Blue 

I think those are all the nail Polishes I have, so thank you for reading this fast blog post!

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