Teen January Favourites 2014

January 29, 2014

Hey Guys,
My first ever favourites post; YAY!! I was thinking about it and I thought, "Well, might as well try it out, I mean it's a new Year..." So here I am, in my new warmer, bigger bedroom, doing my first new favourites post!
So then my first post wouldn't be so chaotic, I decided that I would just do my top 3 favourites in each of these categories; crafts, food, books and fashion! 

Book Favourites

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Old Kingdom Series

I am gonna start off with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, by far one of the best books I have ever read! The plot was absolutely fantastic and I feel it is really well written, Harry is an amazing character, his bravery and courage over death is really inspiring as well; however sometimes some of the characters were really annoying (not naming any names because it will spoil reading it)

The Old Kingdom series, Lirael, Sabriel and Abhorsen are really  good as well. I read Sabriel last year, and finished Lirael and Abhorsen this month. They were all really interesting and I enjoyed them. I think what you need to do when reading them is that you should go online to try and research the book to understand them because they can be very confusing in some places with all the free and charter magic but I loved reading them!

Ohh myy GOSH!! Insurgent by Veronica Roth is such an amazing book! I am in loooovee with the whole Divergent series, but my heart stays with Divergent as the best of the two! A small overview of the series is a girl called Beatrice (Tris) Prior who lives in a faction -based society but never felt like she was meant to be. When everyone is sixteen they have a choice- choose another faction and disown the family; the rule is faction before blood. Tris is sixteen and has to make a choice- that will determine their lives forever. This is before she finds out she is Divergent- a threat to society and dangerous. Tris needs to make a decision; which will change her life forever. In the second book you have to overcome the sad ending of the first book and join Tris on her adventures to find out the dirty secret one of the factions is hiding. I guess maybe this month everyone is annoying me because that's just how I am.

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Craft Favourites

Dovecraft Back to Basics VI

Tiger Fish Tape Dispenser

Tiger Love Heart Washi Tape

The Dovecraft Back to Basics VI is actually a really nice spring theme, with lots of greens, blues, yellows, and I little bit of lilac and purple. I got the 12x12 set for my smash book just because of the colours being so attractive and I just love it! I will definitely show you guys how it comes to action in anything I do with it!

I initially bought the Tape Dispenser for £1 at Tiger because I thought it was cute and matched my room, but I realize now that not only is it cheap, but it is also compact and well, very good quality and I am very pleased I bought it.

The love heart washi tape also from Tiger is a cute accent to all the Journal entries and stuff so I am very happy I bought it. And it was 2 for £1 which is really nice because in Hobbycraft they cost around £3.99 each. The only condition to this is the fact that sometimes you might have to glue down the ends where you  cut it because it isn't as sticky as the Hobbycraft ones (but I could put it in my tape dispense! How awesome's that???)

Fashion Favourites

Jewelled toe High Top Wedges
Geek Glasses Necklace
Cross 2 finger ring

The Wedged hi-tops I think are my favourite shoes right now, They are very comfortable and have about a 2 inch heel on them to add to the urban/city chic of them. They have plain black plastic diamantes on them in a pattern with 2 different sizes which is a nice touch. Overall I love these shoes and got them in Matalan for only £20!

The Geek Glasses necklace I got from Claire's Accessories is a really nice addition to my wardrobe and I am very glad I bought. I got it on clearance for £2 I believe but it may have been one. It has a long silver chain which is quite hard to see in the photo but it is a very nice necklace overall!

The Cross Ring is overall very cute and I got this from Claire's too for £1. It is a plain gold two finger ring. It is quite comfortable and I do really like it. I will definitely wear it around a lot to parties and church and other places. I am very sure it comes in silver to which is very convenient! Because this was on clearance for after-Christmas sales it may go quickly (also sorry for the bad photo of the ring I had my wardrobe door open so it cast a shadow on it)

Food Favourites
Aqua Fruita Summer Fruits Flavoured Water
Aqua Friuita Citrus Flavoured Water
Party Rings Snack Pack (Not shown)

The Aqua Fruita Waters are really good replacements for normal Costco flavoured water (the Perfectly Clear Range) they are currently on rollback in ASDA for £1 for a 4 pack of either water. They are very sweet and can sometimes be diluted to make more water. They bottles are also very strong and useful for just everyday use.

The Party Rings (which aren't in the photo because I ate them all) are an essential for packed lunches. They come in small snack packs which are also £1 from ASDA. They are really cute and shareable. There are not many in each pack but there are 9 in the packet for £1 which is okay.

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