Teen January Favourites 2014

January 29, 2014

Hey Guys,
My first ever favourites post; YAY!! I was thinking about it and I thought, "Well, might as well try it out, I mean it's a new Year..." So here I am, in my new warmer, bigger bedroom, doing my first new favourites post!
So then my first post wouldn't be so chaotic, I decided that I would just do my top 3 favourites in each of these categories; crafts, food, books and fashion! 

New Years Resolutions

January 16, 2014

Good evening guys!
How are you all? I hope you are all doing well! The New Year is officially here and that means that it is time for the cliche New Year New You. Of course that usually fails by March or so but anyways here are my resolutions!

  • Be a better listener
  • Be a better friend and family member
  • Write in a diary or Smash book ALL year round
  • Be more productive with the year
  • Be Healthier
  • Get in touch with God more often

  • I hope that my Resolutions inspire you to make some too!


    New Years Nails Tutorial

    January 01, 2014

    Hey Guys! How are you all today?

    The New Year is upon us; exciting isn't it? Only a day basking in the glories that 2014 brings us, lol!

    I recently tried to use the Libra MUA Nail Constellations which I got for Christmas from my sister at Baby Steps In a Big World. What'd you think? Anyways, here's a tutorial on how to do these New Years Nails.

     Nail Constellations

     You will need;
    • Nail Polish remover
    • MUA Libra Nail Constellations
    • Grey Nail Varnish
    • Clear Nail Polish Top coat
    • Cotton buds
    • Tissue or Cotton rounds

    1. Clean your nails- If you had nail varnish on before, take it off and wash your hands with warm water and soap.
    2. Paint two coats of grey nail varnish on all your nails
     3. While the second coat of nail varnish is wet, tip nail constellations all of your fourth/ ring finger nail. Press down on balls

    4. Paint over with top coat to seal the constellations to the nail.

    This lasts between 3-6 days. It gave a very professional look on my nails one I had applied it, some people hate the top coat but it honestly keeps it on for longer because the balls don't stay on very well by themselves. I would recommend them if like nail art and you are quite patient because it is quite fiddly! :)