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November 01, 2013

With the help of my beautiful Ernesto Cookie Press, shown in my last post, I was able to bake from scratch.
I love baking but I never really have time for it. If I bake, unfortunately it comes from a packet or it takes literally all day to do! So I can't really do it very often due to it being so time consuming for me!
On Wednesday, I made cookie dough cupcakes with vanilla icing and spritz cookies and a chocolate bud (wow, that's a mouthful, I am glad I'm not saying it), which I have been raving about (in my head) for like a few months now!
First of all I found the wonderful recipe made by the wonderful Jennifer on Jennifer's Cakes. Thank you very much...The icing recipe was off the BBC Food website and the Spritz cookies can be found here.
P.S. half the recipe for the spritz cookies if you have and are using a cookie press because I did follow the recipe with the exact measurements and it came out with 5 trays like the photo below, of around 24 cookies on each tray, therefore I am giving some away to my friends! Also bear in mind that before baking these you should put the chocolate chips in the centers of the flowers as they melt on the hot cookies if you put them on afterwards. 
P.S.S. You may also want to double the recipe for the icing because I covered about 14 cupcakes with the first batch of icing, and I had 16 left!

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