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October 16, 2013

So, if you have been reading my blog, you'd know that I took on the greatest knitting project that I have done so far, a doll. And great news, I have FINALLY finished my niece's doll (and, yes, it is like 2 weeks after her birthday) 

She is 11.5 inches tall (not including hair, around 12.5 inches if you do) in height, so slightly different than the doll pattern I followed! 

I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, apart from the fact that I never check my gauge before I make a project and when I measured the legs and body whilst knitting, I was a little liberal so the end result was a little taller. That doesn't really matter to me though.
The hair and the face was a little complicated to do but I worked it out in the end. I tried a few methods and watched a lot of Youtube videos but I was pretty happy with the end result. I do not think that it will be pulled out easily!

I also chose I few clothing items for my doll to wear, such as;

-a knitted pink crop top and "jeans" (an idea from a friend)
- A pair of knitted knickers and vest
- 2 dresses- one floral, one purple which were both ideas from friends
- a skirt and top
I haven't made this yet, but I plan to hopefully try to in the future. I know that I will probably have to make my own patterns though.

BTW I got the pattern from Wee Folk Art, it is really good, easy and simple to follow, and the end result was well worth it!

Definitely trying out one of their patterns first before I get start on the clothes (I'll give the doll to Baby for Christmas).

Until next time!

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