Ernesto Biscuit Press | Budget Cookie Press- In Depth Review

October 26, 2013

If you have read my Birthday Wishlist post from back in April, you would know that I wanted a cookie press. Well, I finally got it!
This is first Cookie Press that I have actually seen in the UK as previously I have never seen one in any cooking stores. There have been a few online but the one that I wanted, in particular, however they were significantly more expensive than this, but I am very grateful I got it, after a long 6 months! I first saw it in LIDL which is found in the UK and Germany I think (apologies to you guys in the US, but I am pretty sure you can go online and on Amazon you might be able to find one). 

I have an Ernesto Biscuit Press with an 18 piece accessory set, including 8 piping nozzles and 10 press shapes. It came to £6.99 altogether which I think is amazing! It also comes with photo instructions and a recipe (But the recipe doesn't say how many it makes which is a bit annoying).

It is a stainless steel gun with a black plastic trigger, the barrel isn't clear, so you can't see when the dough is finished and you need to refill it, but you are still able to tell when the dough has finished, because no more squirts out. Just so you know the barrel holds approximately 250ml of dough or icing.
One downside is that there is no heart disc! There is a "windmill" looking one but no heart. Other cookie presses that I have seen do come with a heart, but unfortunately, this one does not.

I have used this product a few times now and I really like it. It creates uniformly shaped biscuits which are easy to decorate and really nice. It is fairly fiddly to wash due to all of the different parts but after using it once or twice it is fairly easy to use. 
I would recommend it for use to make cookies and biscuits but I feel that I have less control piping when I am using it to make icing. Icing is also a lot harder to get out of it because there are a lot of pieces. It can also only be used for buttercreams which are fairly thick, because other icings will drip out of the nozzle.
I also wish that this product came in a case or something similar because this box will not last whatsoever. I know that other Biscuit/Cookie Presses come with a case and that is definitely something that this could use. However for the price I suppose that you get what you pay for, as this is one of the less expensive cookie presses that I have seen.

Overall, I like this product and think that it will be really useful for any baking themed antics that
I get up to in the near future. If you can find it in your local LIDL or ALDI I would tell you to pick it up, as a neater alternative to cookie cutters.

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  1. Hello🤗 Rachel, to cut down on cleaning chore, try putting the nozzle into a plastic bag(through small hole cut in corner, close bag by twisting tightly or use à câble tie-this method only works with piping accessories unfortuately😟)& put the bag into the 'gun' part.


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