The Teens Birthday Wishlist!

April 13, 2013

Hey guys, I'm very VERY sorry about having to wait a month for this post. I really wanted to make my brand new blog special, hence the absence of me from this blog. But here I am, back and busting!

Soooo, My birthday soon, as well as some other peoples :) and I have been sent a special request by Emma, in Nottinghamshire, to do a Birthday post for her 12th bday in late April (An early happy birthday from me!)

She emailed a few days ago saying the blog's amazing *blush* and she's a big fan *double blush!* and she wanted some clothing ideas and accessories for presents! Of course I happily replied, saying I would and here it is! Dedicated it Em, here's a Teen's Birthday Wishlist!

  1. Mustache Ring, New Look
  2.  Fragrance Crayons, Claire's
  3. Nail Art pens, Claire's
  4. 3 side nail art pen, Poundland
  5. Mustache Necklace, ASOS
  6. Makeup Bag, Poundland
  7. Strawberry Milkshake, Sports Direct
  8. French Manicure Set, Poundland
  9. Nail Art Stamp, Poundland
Rachel xoxoxo

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