The beauty of pyjamas

February 10, 2013

Hey guys!

So guess what?!! I am at a party, wearing my pyjamas, all happy! Okay, soooo I'll make you an awesome pyjama wishlist next after this!

Basically my inspiration for this wishlist is the HUGE liquidation sale at Sports Direct! I'm really interested in it and am really gonna take advantage of it before I do my new posts! I'm really into Golddigga and, well bright clothing so I'm that's how I got into the store. Also, I've a girly theme going on right now, not like the monochrome-city chic theme I had before.


1.Voodoo Girls Large Logo Girls Hoodie
2. Golddigga Annie Fold Over Girls Shoes
3. Golddigga Mix watch Ladies
4. Golddigga 3 Quarter Joggers Girls
5. Ocean Pacific Rio Dress Girls
6. Lonsdale Canons Junior Trainers
7. Disney Large Logo T-Shirt Girls
8. Ocean Pacific Jersey Skirt Girls

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