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January 01, 2013

The Winter Comfort/Shopping Look!

Top- Knitted embellish heart jumper. On sale now £20. Topshop
Bottoms- Teen Navy Zip Front Jeans.  £15.99 New Look
Footwear-  Quilted Ballet Pump. £10 Matalan
Bag- Teens Black Bunny Shopper Bag. £7.99 New Look
Necklace- Silver Heart Pendant. £3 Matalan

So yeah I did get round to posting my actual clothing post because before I was just writing random stuff about me. This is it, my inspiration was the MENTAL HAVOC of what I call Boxing Day sales. Such fun wasn't it? (Penny from Miranda rules!)

I stayed at home most of that day, sleeping. 

Well anyways, about the post, in winter *bbrrr* so we need to have something comfy and warm to wear otherwise known as this outfit. Of course if you don't want to wear it out you can team it up with bootie slippers or bed socks instead of pumps and sack the bag but if you are wearing it out, team it up with a black quilted coat and you're all set. 

Have fun wearing the outfit and check in next time for more, comment and subscribe

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